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Ultrasonic Pest Control

Ultrasonic Pest Control

Our Ultrasonic Pest Control Utilizes a High Pressure Ultrasonic sound that humans can't hear. If you were a Pest, Ultrasonic Pest Control would be extremely uncomfortable, similar to putting your ear right up next to a loud police siren. The Pests react to Ultrasonic Pest Control the same way we would to the police siren or any other loud uncomfortable noise and flee far from the source of audio discomfort.

Although People aren't affected by the Ultrasonic Pest Control, Pests are startled, disorientated and absolutely do not enjoy the uncomfortable sounds the Ultrasonic Pest Control delivers.

Ultrasonic Pest Control uses a variable pulse generator, so like our Electromagnetic Pest Control the Pests do not get accustomed to the Ultrasonic Pest Control.

You, your family, and pets will enjoy the safe Pest Free environment that only our Ultrasonic Pest Control provides. That's not everything our Pest Repeller Program provides, it also delivers powerful Ionic Pest Control as well as our prevailing Electromagnetic Pest Control.

Pest Repeller Ultimate AT for Flea Control

Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT

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