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No More Rats Rodent Control Get rid of your Mice or that pesky little Mouse

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Blast those Rodents with the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT!

Have you been woken up to the sound of Rodents scurrying within your walls or gnawing on your home? Then you have a Rodent Problem and it is very important to begin Rodent Control immediately. Rodents multiply at very fast rates and an infestation could escalate rapidly. A rodent chewing through wiring is a leading cause of house fires.

Rats and Mice are potentially a big problem. Rodent Control is necessary. Rats and mice carry diseases. Some diseases can be spread from droppings and urine. It is important to take some safety precautions while performing any type of Rodent Control cleanup. It is important to not vacuum up droppings they can be turned into dust that can be inhaled. When performing Rodent Control cleanup spray the contaminated area with a solution of Bleach and Water before you wipe up the mess. You should use a mask and Gloves when cleaning up. Place any dead rodents in a bag and throw them away.

Along with the Pest Repeller Program and the use of its Electronic Pest Control Products your next line of defense is sealing off all entry points where rodents can get into your home or office. Roof Rats can climb down power lines and into your house through holes in the roof, or Attic vents, while other Rats and mice come in through vents in the basement, through ventilation ducts, dryer vents, open doors or windows, or any little area they can slip in through. Find all of these entry points and seal them off. steel wool is good for plugging holes, put wire mesh screens on air ducts, use metal weather stripping around doors and windows, patch cracks in foundations, do what it takes to eliminate as many entry points as possible.

Rodent Control is an inside and outside of the home or office process. Cut tall grass; eliminate unnecessary piles of debris and things that are piled around the home that can provide shelter for the mice or rats. Raise wood piles about a foot from the ground, secure garbage can lids, eliminate water sources such as garden hoses.

Inside the home Rodent Control begins with plugging in the Pest Repeller Programs Electronic Pest Control Products and a few simple steps that can optimize your results. Store foods in sealed metal or glass containers. Clean up any spilled foods or food debris. Eliminate water sources such as leaky pipes, faucets, drip catchers etc. Seal cracks and areas where Rodents can get into your living area or to your food. Cleanliness is a necessary step in Rodent Control or any other type of Pest Control.

By taking these simple and easy steps to effective Rodent Control the Pest Repeller Programs Electronic Pest Control Products will go to work and drive those Mice and Rats right out. You should place your Electronic Pest Control device as close to the area of a mice or rat infestations as possible doing this will optimize the Ultrasonic Pest Control feature and push them away from the nearby food source causing them to exit your home or office.

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