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Electronic Pest Control Pest Repeller Program uses the Pest Repeller Ultimate, the number one ranked Electronic Pest Control Product.

Your Pest Control Roach results are optimized by following a few simple steps and utilizing our powerful Electronic Pest Control Products.

Roaches can carry diseases and have been found to be a leading cause of asthma and allergies. Roaches carry diseases such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and E. Coli bacteria. A Roach could be getting water from a toilet then be crawling on your toothbrush next. Roaches could be feeding from rotten meat and then walk across your cutting board. It is very important to get rid of Roaches and your life will be safer and healthier.

Roaches have been around for millions of years. They are a very hearty Pest and easily adapt to just about any environment. Roach control can be a process. Roaches have found that it can be very beneficial to live with humans. Roaches eat about anything from dead skin to labels on cans, including the glue. Roaches forage for food during the night and hide in cracks and crevices during the day, they hide in appliances like blenders, toasters refrigerators, they hide in Computers, telephones, behind ovens, in cupboards under sinks and any place the wont be seen.

The first step in Roach Control is realizing where Roaches are hiding. By taking a good look around your house you can find the hiding places where Roaches are coming from. One way to find them is look for areas that have tiny black specks or pellets stuck to it. These are Roach fecal matter and are a place where they hide often. Even if you don't see any pellets it could still be a potential hiding place. Once you locate the potential Roach hideouts seal up the area. Seal up the Roach hideouts with tape, steel wool, plaster, wood, caulking, expanding foam, sealants, anything you can without detracting from the appearance of your home or office. Without a hiding place the Roaches will be more likely to leave the area.

The second step in Roach Control is eliminating Roach food sources. Roaches as we mentioned earlier eat just about anything. Roaches will eat finger nail clippings, bread crumbs spilled milk, food scraps, off of dirty dishes, etc. So it is vitally important to eliminate all potential food sources. Although it will be practically impossible to eliminate all food sources by doing your best you can significantly reduce them. Start by cleaning out your cupboard scrubbing them and then put food in sealed containers. Clean your floors, counter tops, tables behind appliance. Roaches could live forever on the food and grease that gets behind stove tops. Clean everything thoroughly and pay close attention to corners and hard to reach areas they can sometimes have a wealth of grime that Roaches can feed on. If a Roach doesn't have anything to eat it will look for food elsewhere or die.

The third step in Roach Control is eliminating water sources. Many Roaches need water often German Roaches especially. Roaches can find water in the bathroom from toilets, leaky pipes, bathtubs, in the kitchen they find water from leaky pipes, sinks, water catchers under the sinks or under refrigerators, water left in glasses, spills, etc. Effective Roach control starts with fixing leaky pipes, emptying catch pans, cleaning up spills, and not leaving wet dishes around.

In summary eliminate Roach hiding places by closing them off, keep a clean and tidy house and scrub everything, eliminate potential water sources. By taking these necessary Roach control steps you are optimizing the effectiveness of the Pest Repeller Program and giving the Electronic Pest Control Products an excellent head start at driving out your pests and leaving you a clean and safe environment. Your efforts coupled with our Pest Repeller Programs Electronic Pest Control Products will drive your roaches out.

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