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Pest Repeller Ultimate II

Pest Repeller Ultimate® II

Indoor Ultrasonic 4 in 1 Pest Repeller

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Designed in Oregon, USA by Good Life(R)

4 in 1 Indoor Pest Repeller with Ultrasonic and Electro-Vibrawave™ Technology

This electronic pest repeller and air purifier is designed to be safe, environmentally sound and for healthy minded individuals who wish to avoid exposure to toxins or poisons commonly associated with traditional pest controls. Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic and Ionic technologies reach deep into walls where pests hide, bombarding them with deterring sound waves, irritating vibrations and negative charges.

Not only does this innovative unit cover a wide range of insects and rodents, but it is designed to repel the pests that swarm your home with the latest electronic pest control technology on the market. Using advanced digital circuitry, the Pest Repeller Ultimate II® is designed to transform your entire home or office into a gigantic pest repeller by covering up to 2000 square feet. Sleep safe knowing an army of ants won’t march over your body. Your children and pets will be safe from spiders and cockroaches. Imagine living comfortably again.

  1. Ultrasonic Pest Control
    The Pest Repeller Ultimate® II pumps out powerful ultrasonic frequencies inaudible to human ears but unavoidable to small pests like insects and rodents. Similar to a loud siren, the ultrasonic sound waves constantly fluctuate and pulsate on and off, making it impossible for pests to ignore the deterring sounds. This Ultrasonic technology is designed to help safeguard your home, office, food and bare feet from pests.

  2. Electro-Vibrawave™ Technology
    Our Electro-Vibrawave™ technology penetrates deep within your walls by traveling through the electric wiring throughout your establishment. By shifting the electric signal within your wiring, this exclusive Electro-Vibrawave feature emits irritating intermittent vibrations that are designed to drive out pests most products cannot reach. Completely safe to use, this revolutionary technology is designed to turn your home or office into a fortress against pests.

  3. Ionic Pest Control Technology
    The Pest Repeller Ultimate II pushes out a constant stream of negative ions that reduce airborne pollutants, bacteria and odors from the air in your home or office. This digital pest control also helps to drive away rodents and insects from ants, cockroaches, spiders and more by reducing food odors that attract pests.

  4. Night Light
    This beneficial night light is easy on the eyes and creates a soft lime glow – A convenient addition and rare on most pest repeller products, our factory-grade night light doubles as automatic illumination in darkened hallways and rooms, as well as an easy indicator of the device’s constant operation. You can also set the night light sensor to automatic so it instantly turns on in the dark and dims in the light.
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Electromagnetic Pest Control
Ultrasonic Pest Control
Ionic Pest Control


  • Covers up to 2,000 sq ft
  • Durable
  • Low energy cost
  • No chemicals
  • Designed to be safe around people and home electronics
  • Indicator lights blink when unit is operating
  • Can be plugged in upside down



Learn More About The Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT

Ultimate AT


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Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT Animated Video
Watch this short, animated presentation to learn more about the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT and how it can help keep pests out.



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