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This comparison has been derived from years of experience within the General Pest Control industry (the Exterminators). We understand both the General Pest Control industry and the Electronic Pest Control industry. If you have ever had a Pest Control Service you can completely understand what were presenting within this comparison. If you have Pest Control Comparison Electronic and General Pest Control never used a Pest Control Company this section can still provide a helpful understanding of the differences of  Chemical Pest Control VS.  Electronic Pest Control and some of the huge benefits that only Electronic Pest Control can offer.  

Comparison General Pest Control VS. Electronic Pest Control

General Pest Control

-Toxic Chemicals

-Works on surface pests only

-Degrades with environment

-Unsafe for family and pets

-Strangers enter the home (technicians)

-Wait time to be serviced

-Repeat service

-Very expensive $300-$500 Annually

-Costs $3,000-$5,000 over 10 years

-Very invasive

-Pests build up a tolerance

-Toxic Residuals

-Spray 30 cents worth of chemical

-Varies in quality

-Makes Pests disappear temporarily

-Can cause respiratory problems


-Special License Required


-Regular Bill (annual, monthly etc.)

-Kills Animals, pests, and even Birds

-Surprise visit from Exterminators

-Cut holes in the walls

-Not Tangible (can't see it)

-Time-consuming take time off wait for tech

-Binding contracts

-Old Technology

-They can't be concerned for customers safety

-Available to mainly home owners

-No indication if it is working

Electronic Pest Control

-No Toxic Chemicals

-Works on surface pests and gets into the walls

-Keeps working 24 hrs/7 days/365 days a year

-Safe for family and pets

-No Strangers  (technicians)

-Serviced on the spot

-One time for life

-Small one time cost 

-Costs Pennies per year in Electricity 


-Pests cannot build up a tolerance

-No residuals (no chemicals involved)

-No chemicals sprayed

-always the same high quality

-Makes Pests disappear Permanently

-No respiratory hazards


-No License required


-No Bill 

-Repels rodents, and pests

-No Exterminators

-No holes in the walls

-Very Tangible (you can see it working)

-Plug it in and forget about it

-No contracts

-New Revolution in Pest Control

-We are very concerned for our customers safety

-Available to anyone renters included

-Indicator Lights show it's working

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