Other Home Pest Control Methods

There are other home pest control methods to get rid of Pests, other than Electronic Pest Control. I have used and tried them all. Infact I have several years experience working for two of the worlds largest General Pest Control Companies. If I said their names you would most likely recognize them. I have had an opportunity to see and master the techniques that General Pest Control companies use and they are all pretty much the same, some just use greater quantities of toxic materials to kill bugs or Rodents, and some just do a more thorough job than others, but they are all pretty much the same.

The purpose of this page is to briefly describe the next two pages and give you an idea of what they are about so you can decide to read them or skip over them. Keep in mind the following pages were written in a some what entertaining way however this is what usually happens when people use these two options of Pest Control. These pages are good examples of home pest control that many people are using or have tried.

To the Proud do it yourselfer talks about performing traditional methods of Pest Control on your own and what most people do. It starts with shopping for chemicals, baits, traps, and equipment then moves onto performing the pest control and what happens afterwards.

Your Pest Control Company gives you an idea of what happens once the Exterminator has told you to leave for the day while he sprays the chemicals and poisons, inside and outside your home or office. I am sure if you have ever used a Pest Control Company you can fully empathize with this story. This story follows the Pest Control exterminator through your home while you are gone and gives you an idea of what you are paying the 300-500 dollars a year for.

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To the Proud do it yourselfer

Your Pest Control Company

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