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Ionic Pest Control

This is one of the latest in Electronic Pest Control Technologies. Ionic Technology has been used for years in Air purification. The beneficial negative ions it creates act to destroy harmful airborne pollutants, including bacteria, dust mites and many other unseen pollutants.

Ions are every where in our atmosphere. Negative ions are beneficial ions that penetrate into walls and living areas cleaning the air where ever they travel. Negative Ions are produced naturally by lightning before a storm. They are part of the reason things smell so fresh after it rains.I am a dirty little pollutant,  I don't like the Ionic Pest Control feature of the Pest Repeller Programs Electronic Pest Control Products.

Pests are sensitive to Negative Ions. Long before it starts pouring down rain Pests can sense a change in the atmosphere and they look for shelter. Our Pest repeller Programs Electronic Pest Controls Ionic Pest Control technology confuses pests and they seek shelter far from the reach of its technology.

The ionic technology used in our Pest Repeller Programs Electronic Pest Control Products not only clean the air but launches Electronic Pest Control to the next level.

Ionic Pest Control works in two ways. First the Ions affect the pests directly causing them to seek shelter else where, and Secondly By helping clean the air of odors the Pests are less likely to be attracted to odors they associate with a food source as a result they will look for food else where.

In conjunction with Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Pest Control our products are the best and most effective Electronic Pest Control Products available.

Pest Repeller Ultimate AT for Flea Control

Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT

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