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The Guardian™ - Pre-Owned

Indoor / Outdoor Pest Repeller


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Designed in Oregon, USA by Good Life(R)

All the Bells & Whistles of a New Guardian, but at a Discounted Price!

Pre-Owned units were simply purchased and returned by other customers. They are usually returned looking new and nothing is wrong with them except for a little scratch or dent. Regardless of the reason for return, each unit is fully tested & certified to work like new.

Not only does buying pre-owned save you money, it's also a great way to help the environment. By re-selling these gently used units they don't have to be disposed of. It's a win-win solution!

Guaranteed? Absolutely.

Every pre-owned unit is fully backed by our 45 Day Money Back Guarantee and 6 Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Products sold as pre-owned are just that. They have not been taken apart, rebuilt, replaced or otherwise tampered with. If we find something's not working, we won't re-sell it.


Complete Protection,
Inside and Out

Guardian complete utdoor pest controlThe Guardian™ is designed with the safety of your home and family in mind. Repel pests indoors and outdoors while protecting your home and property with the Guardian’s motion sensor, intruder alarms and strobe light. Whether you use the Guardian as a traditional pest repeller or personal safety device, we know you’ll love its multiple power options, convenient remote control, fully adjustable motion sensor, optional strobe light, ultrasonic and alarm sound modes, and much more. Reclaim the outdoors with the safest and most environmentally friendly pest repeller on the market!

How does The Guardian™ compare with other pest control products?
Guardian select a pest technology

Select a Pest™ Technology

Want to get rid of that pesky squirrel in your yard without sending your cat into a frenzy? Thanks to our revolutionary Select a Pest™ technology, simply turn the dial to the pest of your choice and let the Guardian take care of the rest. Drive pests out and keep them out.



What Pests Can I Repel with The Guardian™?

Squirrels, Bats, Deer, Raccoons, Mice, Rats, Opossums, Skunks, Armadillos and more!

12 Features in 1 Premium Unit


  • Sound Distance: 5000 sq ft
  • Remote Control Distance: Up to 75 ft
  • Motion Sensor Range: 5ft - 100 ft
  • Safe and Humane
  • Weather Resistant
  • Dimensions: 7.25" H, 5.25" W, 3.5" D
  • Power: Battery or AC (6ft. AC Adapter included)
  • Power Consumption: 1.8 W
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 6 Month Warranty
  2. Indoor / Outdoor Use
    Works great in the attic for bat or squirrel problems as well as below the house for rodent problems. Can also be used in the house as a personal safety device.

    Use The Guardian™ on your porch, patio, front yard, bark yard, shed, or storage building to repel most common outdoor pests.
  3. Personal Safety Device
    With the motion trigger set to your preferred sensitivity, any movement by a burglar will elicit a police-like siren and flashing strobe light – assuring any intruder is long gone in moments. Use it indoors while you’re on vacation or outdoors while you sleep.
  4. Weather Resistant
    The Guardian™ comes with a custom-fitted clear plastic rain jacket to weather the elements. Unlike other units where water eventually seeps into the device and destroys the mechanics, The Guardian™'s jacket protects it from rain, snow and wind to keep it functioning year round.
  5. Infrared Motion Sensor
    The Guardian™ has an exclusive adjustable motion sensor that lets you detect pests up to 100 feet away.
  6. Adjustable Sensor Sensitivity
    You may adjust the motion sensor to detect pests up to 100 feet away.
  7. Continuous Activation Mode
    For pests that are too small to activate the motion sensor, we've added a Continuous Mode that will emit the pest repelling sounds or strobe light constantly.
  2. Select a Pest™ Technology
    With our exclusive Select A Pest™ technology, you can set The Guardian™ to repel a specific pest. Now you can get rid of that skunk under your deck without sending your pet bird into a frenzy.
  3. Exclusive Keychain Remote
    The Guardian™ is the only pest repeller to include a convenient remote control that allows you to activate the unit from up to 75 ft away!
  4. Sonic (Audible) Mode
    Powerful alarm that is audible to humans. Best used outside or inside when using The Guardian as a personal safety device.
  5. Ultrasonic (Inaudible) Mode
    This mode emits sounds that are inaudible to humans. Best used when The Guardian is used indoors or outdoors when you do not want the sound to be heard by anyone but the targeted pest animal(s).
  6. Strobe Light
    Powerful flashing light that can be used with the sonic/ultrasonic sounds or by itself.
  7. Two Power Options
    Power your Guardian by: 1) AC Adapter (Included with Purchase) or 2) Four D-size Batteries

To learn more, visit our Guardian FAQ

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The Guardian indoor and outdoor electonic pest control


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45 Day Money Back Guarantee and
6 Month Manufacturer's Warranty.

The Guardian™ Animated Video

Watch this short animated presentation to learn more about The Guardian™

The Guardian™ Accessories

2 Year Protection Plan Replacement Rain Jacket for The Guardian 60-ft. Extension Cord

2 Year Protection Plan

• No manufacturing defects for 2 years or Good LifeŽ will replace it hassle-free! details

Replacement Rain Jacket

• Clear Vinyl Cover

60 ft Extension Cord

• For use with AC Adapter


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