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Electronic Pest Control Pest Repeller Program uses the Pest Repeller Ultimate the number one Ranked Electronic Pest Control Product.

Flea Control is achieved by following these necessary steps; if you follow them you will be able to meet your pest control flea desired results. Female Fleas produce approximately 25 eggs a day and 800 in its life time. Fleas carry disease. During World War II fleas were being infected with the bubonic plague and were going to be used as a weapon against the United States and its allies. Because fleas suck blood from their hosts, there can be an exchange of disease causing pathogens. Only Female Fleas feed, they bite into the flesh and then release their saliva into the bite to prevent blood clotting. Fleas will feed on Human blood if there aren't any Cats or Dogs around. Fleas feed regularly when animals are present but can go months without eating if they are absent. This is why if you have ever gone away for a time, returned home only to be greeted by a swarm of fleas hopping on to you and your family. After feeding Fleas will most often leave the host but they also leave their eggs and larvae behind.

Flea control starts in two areas, your home and your pets. Begin by vacuuming your home on a regular if not daily basis this will significantly reduce Flea populations and suck up the eggs. You should vacuum, Carpets, Couches, bedding and pet bedding, cracks and crevices. Wash pet bedding in hot soapy water every two to three weeks. Check screens on doors and windows for cracks or tears. Steam cleaning carpets, Couches and other cushioned furniture this will kill many if not all fleas.

Your Pets are next, since they are most likely the reason you have the Fleas in the first place. Use a Flea comb on your pet this allows the hair to pass through but not the Flea. Put the Fleas in hot soapy water. Inspect your Pets regularly. If Flea infested, you may be able to see tiny black specks these are signs that you cat or dog may have a Flea infestation. Give your pet a bath with warm water and shampoo. Make sure the water isn't too hot; let your pet enjoy the bath.

Plug in your Pest Repeller Programs Electronic Pest Control Products, they play a crucial part in you Flea Control efforts and will work not only to Control your flea problem but be a strong defense in the prevention of future Flea infestations.

Pest Repeller Ultimate AT for Flea Control

Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT

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