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 If you have a Pest Get the Best!

 Our #1Ranked Electronic Pest Control

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Pest Repeller Ultimate II With Electro-Vibrawave and SuperSonic Technology
All of the Features and Power of the Original Pest Repeller Ultimate and a whole lot more.  
  • Our Number One Ranked Electronic Pest Control Product
  • Covers a wide variety of Pests
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Inexpensive
  • Safe for your Family and the Environment
  • Improves Air Quality
  • Effective
  • Covers up to 5,000 Sq. ft.
  • Able to do things other Pest Repellers can't



The Best Repeller Just Got Better!™

Pest Repeller Ultimate AT®

Normal Price: $100.00
Introductory Only $59.95


PestRepeller Ultimate II

Normal Price $70.00
For a Very Limited Time Only $39.95

Product Features: Click the links to find out (more)

Electromagnetic Pest Control:

Sends a signal through your wiring to reach deep within your walls, ceilings Baseboards and those hard to reach areas where Pests Nests and Breed. The signal is tuned to irritate the Pests Nervous System causing Pests to become confused, disorientated and drives them out of their hiding places . Safe for Humans, Pets and Electronics. (more)

Ultrasonic Pest Control:

Delivers high pressure sounds that people don't hear, yet it startles Pests with a pounding Ultrasonic Sound wave (targeted at their sensors and ear drums) causing intense discomfort which drives the Pests from your living areas. (more)

Ionic Pest Control:

Not only designed to Repel Pests, the Negative Ions Produced go to work to improve your air quality, destroying airborne pollutants before you breathe them in. This same technology is found in many of the latest and most popular Air Purification systems. (more)

PestRepellerUltimate SG (Second Generation)

Normal Price:  $90.00
Spring Special For a limited time only. Huge Savings just $46.95


Exterminators Pest Repeller Ultimate II and Second Generation
  • Toxic Chemicals

  • Degrades with environment

  • Unsafe for Families and Pets

  • $67.00 every two months $400.00 Per Year

  • Reaches the surface pests only

  • No Toxic Chemicals

  • Constant and Consistent

  • Safe for Families and Pets

  • Small One time cost per unit $89.95 $39.95 to $59.95 For a Limited Time only

  • Reaches deep into walls and the Pests hiding places

Other Pest Repellers Pest Repeller Ultimate II Digital
  • Utilize only one Technology
  • Utilize all three Technologies: Ionic, Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Pest Control.

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