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Electronic Pest Control Pest Repeller Program uses the Pest Repeller Ultimate the number one Ranked Electronic Pest Control Product.

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Electronic Pest Control Pest Repeller Program uses the Pest Repeller Ultimate the number one Ranked Electronic Pest Control Product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If the Electronic Pest Control Products cover 3,500-5,000 Sq Ft. Why do you recommend multiple units?

A: The Electronic Pest Control Products do cover 3,500- 5,000 Sq. Ft., and we often recommend using more than one unit for a couple reasons. As with all Electronic Pest Control units on the market, if they use Ultrasonic sounds, the Ultrasonic sounds are only effective in the living space where the unit is placed and won't reach around walls and into other rooms. By using multiple units, you are able to strategically place the units throughout your home or office and effectively distribute the Ultrasonic Pest Control throughout the structure, optimizing your overall Electronic Pest Control Pest Repelling Power. If you have a multi-level structure, it is good to place at least one unit on each level. The Electromagnetic feature will effectively travel throughout your home or office from a single unit. We want to optimize your overall results, and it has been our experience that more than one unit in use simultaneously, presents greater results. Simply put, one unit is better than no units, but multiple units will offer better results than a single unit in an area with walls or other barriers throughout.

Q: Are the signals produced harmful to Humans?

A: No. The Ultrasonic Pest Control is designed to be out of the hearing range of Humans. Pests are very sensitive to changes in Electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic Pest Control utilizes the energy within the wiring and simply changes the electromagnetic fields to communicate hostile messages directed at Pests. Not only are the units safe, our Ultimate Pest Repeller Electronic Pest Control Product, which is unlike any other available, is actually beneficial to Humans because it not only drives out disease carrying pests but also improves the air quality by breaking down pollutants and harmful bacteria before you breathe them in.

Q: What makes your product better than any others?

A: Many products out there are good, yet some of them are very expensive and very ineffective. Some units use only Ultrasonic technology while others use only Electromagnetic. Our Ultimate Pest Repeller utilizes both Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Pest Control and to top it all off uses Ionic Pest Control, which any other unit has yet to copy. In fact, our manufacturer has been producing Electronic Pest Control Products for many years, as well as developing some of the best Ionic technology, and we provide all three powerful Electronic Pest Control Products in one small, powerfully designed Electronic Pest Control unit.

Q: How do the Electronic Pest Control units work?

A: The Electronic Pest Control Units work in three ways. First, they utilize Ultrasonic sound waves, which bounce off walls, furniture, floors, and ceilings. Then, the Electromagnetic Pest Control sends a signal through your wiring, tuned to affect the pests hiding within walls, attics, basements and those otherwise hard-to-reach areas. Thirdly, the Ionic Pest Control sends beneficial Negative Ions into the living areas, which will travel throughout your home or office, cleaning the air, and causing the Pests to seek shelter elsewhere. Effectively, ridding your space of unwanted pests and improving air quality. For more Detailed descriptions, click these Electronic Pest Control description links: Electromagnetic Pest Control, Ultrasonic Pest Control, Ionic Pest Control.

Q: How much power is used by these units?

A: The Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT uses just 0.8 watts of electricity per hour, while the Guardian™ uses only 1.8 watts; each of our products use far less than your everyday light bulb! All of our electronic pest control devices are designed to be economical and energy-friendly.

Q: Can I leave it outside during extreme hot or cold weather?

A: The Ultimate AT should never be used outdoors; only the Guardian is weather resistant. We recommend that you bring these units inside if the temperature falls below 0°C/32°F (freezing) or above 38°C/100°F. Outside of these ranges the electronic components in the unit can become damaged, which will void your warranty.

Q: What guarantee do you provide?

A: We are certain that you -like our many other satisfied customers worldwide - will be very happy with the results of our Electronic Pest Control Products, and we give you our 45 Day Money Back Guarantee. See our Testimonials page.

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