Electronic Pest Control
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Electronic Pest Control

Electronic insect repellent is a chemically free alternative to general pest control. Because electronic insect repellent doesn't use chemicals it is safe for you and your family. Instead of killing the insects or rodents, the electronic insect repellent is designed to repel the pest. With electronic insect repellent, there are no messy traps poisons or other potentially harmful substances. The electronic insect repellent is an environmentally sound pest control product.

If you are looking for the best electronic insect repellent, our Pest Repeller Ultimate line utilizes three powerful technologies designed to drive the pests out. Electromagnetic, ionic and ultrasonic are all combined in one small unit. Only the electronic insect repellent technology of the Pest Repeller Ultimate line include all three features. Also, all of our Pest Repeller Ultimate electronic insect repellent units have an attractive night light.

Most of the other electronic insect repellent products available utilize only ultrasonic technology. While there are a few that use electromagnetic, no other electronic insect repellent product has all three in one Pest Repeller Ultimate technology. Only the Pest Repeller Ultimate line of electronic insect repellent has all three electromagnetic, ionic and ultrasonic features.

When looking for an electronic insect repellent, keep in mind if it's cheap it's cheap. Electronic insect repellent units that only use one technology are not giving you the same coverage as the Pest Repeller Ultimate electronic insect repellent. We have seen some ultrasonic only units for sale in packs of three or even six for under $20, however, after a much closer look, these electronic insect repellent units only use the ultrasonic technology and the speakers are very weak in comparison to the high pressure sounds of the Pest Repeller Ultimate line. Some other electromagnetic units send a constant signal through your wiring, which already contains and constant signal, and the pests adapt. The Pest Repeller Ultimate units electromagnetic feature sends a pulse interval electromagnetic signal designed to drive out the pests.

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