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Catstop - outdoor cat deterrent


Keep cats out of gardens.

Protect your garden, plants or sandbox without chemicals or fences.

Protect your garden, plants or sandbox without chemicals or fences. When cats come within range, the CatStop® automatic outdoor cat deterrent emits a sudden burst of ultrasonic sound (at a frequency most humans can't hear) - the sound startles cats, and teaches them to stay away. Installation is easy - just place the CatStop in the garden or outdoor area that you want to protect, and it's ready to go.  Testimonials

The CatStop®:

  1. Provides a Safe, but Effective Deterrence
  2. Protects Gardens Day and Night, Without Chemicals or Unsightly Barriers
  3. Monitors up to 280 Square Feet (26 Square Meters)
  4. Operates for up to Six Months on a Single 9-Volt Battery

How it Works

The CatStop is easy to use. Simply install a 9-volt battery and then place the unit in your garden, with an unobstructed view of the area you want to protect. There are no controls or adjustments. The built-in motion sensor detects any cats entering the area and emits a piercing, high-decibel alarm that startles the cat and frightens it away. Since the sound is ultrasonic, you and your neighbors cannot hear it.  Testimonials

The CatStop® is an effective cat deterrent for several reasons:

  1. A Powerful Burst of Ultrasonic Sound Startles the Cat
  2. The Cat Equates the Location with the Unpleasant Occurrence
  3. The Cat Avoids the Location in the Future
Praise for CatStop:
"I set up three of the ultrasonic repellers [CatStops] on one side of my yard and two of the water jet repellers [ScareCrows] on the other to see which is more effective at keeping cats out of my yard. After a week of use, both have been 100 percent effective... I am happy to announce that the Cat Wars are officially over and I was victorious.
-Wayne Schmidt, CA

"Cats were spraying on all doors, and digging in the garden. No cat has been sighted since installation. Great stuff!!"
-L.C., Cheltenham, Australia

"Happily, since mounting the CatStop on the ceiling of our carport, cats paw tracks have become a thing of the past. We never touch the CatStop; it's always left turned on and mounted in it's position above where we park and it does it's job of chasing the cats without any further action on our parts… We are very pleased with the products performance."
-I. Thomson

"Another product, that we tried, is the Cat Stop. This tool is essentially a battery operated motion detector with a high pitch alarm in a waterproof case. I inadvertently turned it on in the house when I was putting in the battery. The cat ran like hellfire into another room. So I thought to my self that this starting out pretty good. In the rear yard I have a cat path. That's the road the neighborhood cats travel when going on their midnight excursions. Usually I just throw acorns at them to scare them away but in this case I am trying the Cat & Dog Stop. Set up is very easy and placement is simply putting a stake in the ground and placing the unit on top. Easy is good! I managed to set up the unit in a well-traveled cat path with the red warning light facing the house so that I could observe the goings on. About 9:00 o'clock, Mr. Cat appeared looking for his buddies to do some "a catpella" singing. The alarm went off and so did he. No pain no gain. I gained when he was pained by the sound."
- The Celebrity Café
"Cat and Pet Control" by Michael Mardings

Technical Specifications

  • CatStop Infrared sensing angle: 80 degrees
  • Detection range: up to 20 feet (six meters)
  • Power Supply: 9 Volt Alkaline Battery
  • Battery life: In low traffic areas, one battery will last 3-4 months
  • Sensor warm-up time: 60 seconds
  • Red LED: indicates when the unit is activated
  • Unit on time when activated: three seconds
  • Output frequency: sweeping from 21-25 KHZ
  • Water resistant
  • Includes two stakes for Versatile Mounting (ground level; approximately 4" above ground; and 10" above ground)

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