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In conjunction with our Pest Repeller Program there are a few things you can do to help rid your home of Ants more quickly.

Ant Control Begins by taking a few simple steps. Have you ever woken up, wandered into your kitchen, to find a trail of Ants 5 feet long extending to a piece of food that was left out on your kitchen counter overnight? Have you ever gone to feed your cat or dog, only to find that the food bowl is swarming in a black cloud of Ants? One of the first and most important steps in Ant Control is eliminating the food sources. Some Ants are attracted to sweet smelling food while others are attracted to oily foods. By simply sealing foods in containers, or zip tight bags you are eliminating possible feeding sources for the ants and taking an important step in effective Ant Control.

Thoroughly scrub floors and counter tops. Small spills like juice or salad dressing, bread crumbs, pet food and spilled milk all provide Ants with a nice reserve of food. Clean out cabinets and pantries making sure to get into corners and harder to reach areas. In the Bathroom clean the floors, cabinets, counter tops bathtubs and toilets thoroughly, they can all be a rich source of food for Ants. This cleaning and scrubbing will be a big part in your Ant Control efforts and will greatly reduce the chances that Ants will look for food in your house. Leaving dirty dishes out or food on the counter can also attract ants. Basically do your best to clean everything, seal foods in containers, and keep a tidy home.

The next step in Effective Ant Control is eliminating their water sources. Ants need water and they find it from leaky faucets, water left on a dish, leaky pipes, condensation on pipes, catch pots, toilets bathtubs, etc. Ant control will be more effective if you eliminate the majority of these water sources. It would be virtually impossible to eliminate all water sources but the less water available to the Ants the more they feel a need to seek water outside your home or office.

It is an important step in Ant control to eliminate the door ways, meaning those little holes Ants seem to find entrance from their nests in the walls to your living areas such as your kitchen or bathrooms. One easy way of finding these door ways is instead of killing all the Ants at first sight watch them and see where they are coming from. The best thing to do is first avoid disturbing them even if you breathe on them they are likely to scatter. Follow the trail from the food source right to the crevice at the base of your counter top or into you cupboard or where ever the Ants lead you, through the little nail hole they are pouring out of etc.

Once you find their door way you have a few options you can go smashing them, spray them with pesticides, or just live with them, not any more. Here are the options that we suggest if you absolutely cannot handle the sight of them spray the trail with your household cleaner and wipe them up. Clean the counters where they were marching back and forth Ants have left behind chemicals to tell each other where the food is and future ants will follow it to the source but if you clean up the trail it will eliminate the Chemical road map signals the Ants may have left behind.

Once you have taken the proper steps go through out your house focusing on the areas you have seen Ants and fill all cracks and crevices, all those potential doorways, especially any doorways where you saw Ants coming from. The door ways can be sealed with caulking, expanding foam, tape, steel wool, plaster or whatever else you can find that won't detract from the appearance of your home or office.

The Pest Repeller Programs Electronic Pest Control Products are going to be your key to eliminating the Ants. By taking the necessary Ant Control steps and using our Pest Repeller Program you are maximizing the effects that your Ant elimination efforts will be a success.

So in summary Eliminate Food Sources, Keep a clean tidy home, Eliminate water sources, eliminate doorways, and use the Pest Repeller Programs Electronic Pest Control Products.

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