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About The Pest Repeller Program:

Our Pest Repeller Program will calculate and design a customized Pest Management solution to meet your specific Electronic Pest Control needs. Simply fill out the information to the right and your personal program is developed to meet your desired results. 

Our Electronic Pest Control Products uses an advanced state of the art microprocessor (just like a computer) to send Ultrasonic Waves, Electromagnetic pulses and beneficial negative ions to areas where the Pests nest and breed, effectively chasing them out. This state of the art technology is not only effective at driving pests out but is absolutely safe and  unheard by people. The Electromagnetic Pest Control uses the electric fields existing in the wiring of your home or business to turn your whole home into a giant pest repelling unit. Our Electronic Pest Control Products will drive the pests crazy, effectively ridding your home or business of Ants, Spiders, earwigs, Roaches, Rodents and most other pests. 

The Pest Repeller Program is a combination of our Integrated Pest Management Solutions and our powerful Electronic Pest Control Products, all of which are designed to drive powerful results. 

The Pest Repeller Program is a customized Program developed just for your specific Pest Control needs. Simply enter your information about the specific Pests you are having problems with, the areas you are seeing the pests and the size of your home or office. Then the information is compiled and a program is developed to safely and effectively target you specific Pest Control needs. 

Begin your Custom Pest Repeller Program here:

Types of Pests you are seeing

Ants Roaches Fleas Ticks Spiders

Mice Rats Bees  Earwigs Silverfish

Scorpions Mosquitoes Bats  Beetles


Location where you are seeing the Pests

Kitchen Bathroom Garage  Master Bedroom 

Bedroom/s Attic Basement Utility Room 

Living Room/s Closet/s  Office


Number of floors levels or stories

1,2,3 etc...

Approximate Square footage

ex. 2500 approx. Sq. Ft.


Although the next 2 questions are optional please answer them so we may better serve our customers in the future.

Which Search engine did you find us at? Example (Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Alta Vista...)

What did you type in at the search engine to find us? Example "Pest Control"


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