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Pest Repeller Ultimate MC

Pest Repeller Ultimate MC

Sonic (Audible) Pest Repeller

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Say Good Bye To These Outdoor Pests!

Are you fed up with pests invading your property? Do they ruin the hard work you've put into your lawn and garden? If that's the case, here's some great news....you don't have to deal with them anymore! The Pest Repeller Ultimate MC is a cost efficient device that drives and keeps pests away using high-powered audible tones. Just plug the MC in and let this hassle-free device keep a variety of outdoor pests away from your property.

The Pest Repelling Secret Is In This Technology…

The Pest Repeller Ultimate MC is equipped with Select A Pest™ Technology. This feature allows you to adjust the sound frequencies emitted by the MC to target specific pests. So, if rodents are sneaking into your yard, just turn the dial to repel rodents. Deer eating your flowers and veggies? No problem, select the deer mode. The continuous noise will become so unbearable the pests they will have no other option but to leave. You'll be sending the message loud and clear, Pests Are No Longer Welcome Here!

Here's Why This Is Such An Unbelievable Deal.

The Pest Repeller Ultimate MC has had a few features you might normally see on more expensive models strategically removed to provide a more cost efficient option. For example, instead of having a multiple power options, it operates perfectly by only using an AC Adapter. Instead of being motion activated, it utilizes continuous audible sound to keep you protected day and night. Although the Ultimate MC has a few less bells and whistles, it has all the pest repelling punch you'll need an incredible price!

Not Only Affordable, But Environmentally Friendly, Too!

That's right! You'll be keeping unwanted pests away without using all those dangerous chemicals, poisons, and traps. Your outdoor areas will remain completely protected from bothersome pests and you'll be doing you're part to protect the environment. With the money saved by not using exterminators and toxic treatments, The Pest Repeller Ulimate MC will pay for itself in no time! So take the first step in reclaiming your outdoors…Order Today!

Guarantee & Warranty

Your Pest Repeller MC™ is backed by our 45 Day Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Pest Repeller MC™ Accessories

  The Guardian™ by Good Life® is the industry's first indoor/outdoor pest repeller  

60 ft Extension
• For use with AC Adapter

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